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By utilizing our cost-efficient recovery service, clients gain:

  • Significant reduction in cost and loss for recovery of delinquent accounts.
  • Decreased workload while increasing the results of the department.
  • Preferential payment from your accounts.
  • Greater cash flow.

You can evaluate achieving these same benefits for yourself by using LLS to handle the recovery of your accounts. Our low rates justifies early placement while chances for recovery are at the highest level. The Commercial Law League of America provides the following data citing the correlation between the age of a receivable and the likelihood of collection:

Based on CLLA statistics, LLS recovers well over the industry average.
May we add your company to our ever growing list of delighted users? We will be happy to provide you with names and numbers for your reference upon request.


Authoritative but diplomatic, non-alienating personal attention from a licensed and bonded agency or attorney who specializes in collections and collection law.

LLS places all accounts with our selected agency or law firm, whether for collection or litigation, anywhere in the United States. A series of direct personal contacts are scheduled in writing, and followed-up with phone contact to ensure optimum results. The total number of the contacts will vary from case to case based on factors like the amount of the debt, the responsiveness of the debtor, their reactions to the contacts and the availability of information.

An arrangement that is agreeable to both sides will be worked out, but always seeking to recover your funds in full, and as soon as possible. In many cases, the effort is immediately productive, whether in full or part, because the slow-paying or delinquent customer is now aware of our presence and what our job is. While some simply hold out until they are placed for collection, others will hold out even longer and some may wait to be sued before they will pay. We are able to deliver the services needed on any level to effectuate a recovery for our clients.

When litigation is necessary, LLS utilizes a nationwide network of fully accredited, licensed and bonded collection attorneys, and only collection attorneys. No one practicing real estate or divorce law who dabbles in collections — strictly attorneys well-versed in, and who make their living practicing collection law in every State. Each attorney is required to provide a regular report of their actions while LLS staff members report to our clients, keeping track of all the details, providing all of the support services, and monitoring every case to a successful conclusion. We will also be happy to take over on cases where someone else has left off or simply failed to do the job. If you are stuck holding what you believe to be uncollectible accounts or judgments, let LLS take a look — if we can't help get your money, no one can!

Through Legal Liaison Service, you have the assurance that every effort is professionally executed by our staff, agency and attorneys to accelerate your cash-flow and recover your slow-paying, delinquent or charged-off accounts and bad debts.

Why Use LLS?

To avoid the unnecessary steps, delays and costs of middlemen, these alternatives all have values that must be considered when placing accounts:

LLS vs Letter-Writing Services

When you sign up for one of these coupon book services, a series of letters are dispatched to the debtor for which you prepay a flat fee. Sometimes the letters can be threatening, or even break the law. Anyone who has ever seen these knows full well that nothing else will be done. With LLS, you will always get more value, personal attention, and every effort possible to recover your funds.

LLS vs Collection Agencies

Debtors are contacted every day by a local or national agency. Some agencies are good and get the job done — but at what price? Some of these agencies are constantly in trouble for breaking the laws of the FDCPA, or worse yet, unscrupulous agencies have been known to "vanish in the night," taking your account and/or funds with them. It is important to trust the people that handle your accounts. With LLS, you get over 35 years of professionalism and integrity, your accounts handled by our agency or known, established and personally selected law firm, your funds paid directly to you in full immediately upon recovery, and no processing charges for forwarding accounts to our nationwide network of fully accredited, licensed and bonded collection attorneys.

LLS vs Corporate Counsel

It is never cost effective to utilize the corporate attorney for collecting delinquent accounts. You are paying this attorney by the hour, regardless of their success, and many are totally unfamiliar with collection law or practice. Additionally, if you choose to send accounts directly to attorneys, you will find that they will want retainers, non-contingent suit fees, excessive advanced costs to hold in their escrow accounts, as well as the agreed percentage which will be higher than LLS can secure for you.

LLS vs Your Collection Staff

These days, many debtors operate on the premise that they won't pay until made to do so. Therefore, if your staff doesn't collect the account within 60 days, odds are, your customer has no intention of paying you. You are paying salary, benefits, vacation, bonus, insurance — all with no benefit derived for the company. If instead, the non-paying customer was turned-over to LLS, your staff can focus more clearly on the current business at hand, while LLS handles the delinquencies for a low fee that is contingent upon recovery.

Knowledge, experience and the right tools makes all the difference.

Immediately upon placing the account with LLS, our selected agency or attorney initiates the first of a series of personal contacts within hours of receiving the claim. Your delinquent customer is contacted by phone, and then followed up with a written demand. The debtor is now fully aware that you have made the decision to recover your funds. The unwillingness or inability to pay is carefully probed and sensitively handled. An agreement to pay is established and enforced with systematic follow-up. The objective is to motivate your customer to pay you preferentially; when this doesn't happen, the contacts continue with greater intensity so that the debtor realizes that the obligation must now be satisfied, or they will face the consequences of their failure to pay.

The debtor may also believe that if we are not in "his own backyard" we cannot be effective — they would be mistaken. Our state of the art technology including credit bureau access and proprietary information providers allow us to locate information that lead us to the debtor(s) when they try to hide, uncover their assets when they claim not to have any, monitor their bankruptcy filing if they take this step, interview their neighbors, secure information from postal authorities, and locate non-published phone numbers. We leave no stone unturned to recover your funds.

You are kept informed of your customer's responses and reactions at all times. Our status reports are custom-tailored and provide you with specific information as it relates to each account — no standard blanket report with boxes checked-off and terminology that only insiders understand. We work closely with your designate at each step during the collection process so that you are aware of all actions taken, as well as what the next steps will be or what your options are. Early involvement gets the highest return, maintains goodwill, and provides measurable results.

Our low contingency fees, direct payment of funds and post-recovery billing, gives you the most from your recovery. Our experience gives you the edge providing not only the highest rate of return, but the knowhow to prevent you from incurring further loss from your bad debt.

The Cost

As little as 15% contingent upon recovery, billed semi-monthly. A contingent fee is billed after recovery of goods or funds, and invoiced at the middle and the end of each calendar month. When your funds are recovered, they are immediately sent to you, in full. We do not deposit your funds and remit them whenever we get around to it. If a recovery is made on March 3rd, you receive the funds and are then billed for our fee on March 15th; likewise, a recovery made on March 19th will be billed on March 31st.

Our rate schedule is as follows:

Commercial claims Non-commercial claims
$200 and up 15% $200 and up 25%
Under $200 30% Under $200 35%

To receive these low rates, a fully-refundable service fee is deposited with LLS. With each invoice you receive, you will find the amount recovered and the fee calculated for each recovery, a total of all recoveries, the total fee due LLS, and a 15% discount off the total amount due. This discount comes from your service fee deposit which continues to decrease as recoveries are made over time, and is eventually liquidated in full. Your service fee is thus fully returned to you through use of the service.

For the more limited user, we also offer access to our service without the service fee commitment, but at the rates listed below:

Commercial claims Non-commercial claims
$200 and up 25% $200 and up 35%
Under $200 35% Under $200 45%

The Advantages

Here's a quick glance at the benefits of using Legal Liaison Service:

  • Fully accredited agency and 125 law firms at your service
  • Lowest rates — as little as 15%
  • Direct payment of funds
  • Nationwide service
  • Easy account submission — paperless, on-line, in mere seconds
  • Deferred billing — semi-monthly after you've been paid
  • Same rates regardless of age or prior placement(s)
  • Easy to read and understand status reports
  • Reporting of debts to a national credit bureau
  • Proprietary information services for skip-tracing
  • No non-contingent, processing or handling fees
  • Professionalism & integrity — more than 35 years of experience


Compare your present collection agency or recovery service to Legal Liaison Service.

Lowest rates — as little as 15%
Easy account placement — paperless, on-line, in mere seconds
Same rate regardless of age or prior placement(s)
Contact initiated within hours of receipt
Professional contact by a licensed agency or attorney
All proceeds paid directly to you
Deferred billing — Semi-monthly, after you've been paid
Easy to read and understand status reports
Litigation available anytime, almost anywhere
No non-contingent suit fees or processing charges
Suggestions for internal improvement upon request
Now that you've made the comparison, are you going to continue to lose money by not using LLS?
May we prepare a Service Agreement for you immediate use?
We look forward to being at your service.

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