Why You'll Get Results

At Legal Liaison Service, knowledge, experience and the right tools makes all the difference.

Immediately upon placing the account with LLS, our selected agency or attorney initiates the first of a series of personal contacts within hours of receiving the claim. Your delinquent customer is contacted by phone, and then followed up with a written demand. The debtor is now fully aware that you have made the decision to recover your funds. The unwillingness or inability to pay is carefully probed and sensitively handled. An agreement to pay is established and enforced with systematic follow-up. The objective is to motivate your customer to pay you preferentially; when this doesn't happen, the contacts continue with greater intensity so that the debtor realizes that the obligation must now be satisfied, or they will face the consequences of their failure to pay.

The debtor may also believe that if we are not in "his own backyard" we cannot be effective — they would be mistaken. Our state of the art technology including credit bureau access and proprietary information providers allow us to locate information that lead us to the debtor(s) when they try to hide, uncover their assets when they claim not to have any, monitor their bankruptcy filing if they take this step, interview their neighbors, secure information from postal authorities, and locate non-published phone numbers. We leave no stone unturned to recover your funds.

You are kept informed of your customer's responses and reactions at all times. Our status reports are custom-tailored and provide you with specific information as it relates to each account — no standard blanket report with boxes checked-off and terminology that only insiders understand. We work closely with your designate at each step during the collection process so that you are aware of all actions taken, as well as what the next steps will be or what your options are. Early involvement gets the highest return, maintains goodwill, and provides measurable results.

Our low contingency fees, direct payment of funds and post-recovery billing, gives you the most from your recovery. Our experience gives you the edge providing not only the highest rate of return, but the knowhow to prevent you from incurring further loss from your bad debt.

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